Strange “tip” from

My blog is currently hosted on  One of the nice features is that they offer you occasional tips on how you can improve your service.  I however received a cryptic message from them today.

WordPress tip: You have uploaded 16,777,216 TB of files, exceeding your quota by 16,777,216 TB. Consider deleting some files to free up more space, or purchasing a space upgrade so you can upload more.

I didn’t know that I have been such a prolific writer!


Oh no Brownie!

We just got back from our trip to Tahoe and went to pick up Brownie from the pet store that takes care of her when she is out. Unfortunately when we picked her up, they informed us that she has been peeing blood and has been very sick and not eating.

After bringing her to the vet, they discovered that she did not have kidney stones. I suggested to Steven that we get her fixed (she is still young) and when the doctor did the surgery, he discovered a tumor (which was removed).

We are now waiting to see what the biopsy says. Unfortunately female bunnies have a 50-80% chance of having uterine cancer, so we hope we addressed this in time.

Update: Brownie eventually passed away from due to complications associated with the cancer.  I recommend all rabbit owners who have a doe spaid their bunny to prevent the onset of ovarian cancer.

Pulled pork sandwich

We just got back from Armidillo Willys after ordering the pulled pork sandwich (pictured) and a diet Dr Pepper since I am so health consious. I have to say the cornmeal muffin with honey butter was wonderful.


Black MacBook (Sold)

So this weekend I sold my black MacBook. This was maybe one of the few machines I did not hate by the time I sold it. Surprisingly it also held it’s value. In June it will be 2 years old and it only lost 1/3 of the original total value. For a well-used laptop, this isn’t bad. Continue reading

Want a little “Liquid Brown”

This past week Steven went to the emergency room twice and a lung specialist once. Unfortunately the two times he went to the emergency room the doctors said “oh you just have a cold” when it turns out that the lung specialist saw pneumonia on the very same lung x-rays. Coincidentally, the very same emergency room staff said I had an enlarged heart when all I had was bronchitis.

When Steven got home and showed me his medicine, I started laughing. I suggested he gets something with codine to help his cough, however they also have cough medicine with opium (the source of codine) in Taiwan. I looked at the brand name of the medicine and get this – it is called “Liquid Brown Mixture (with Opium)”. He asked me why I was laughing, and I said “The name – it is so funny” but he protested because he said it was an accurate name.

You need to remember that this is the same logic that was applied to our pet bunny when he chose the name Brownie – she is brown indeed.

Make a Micro-Cybermat – aka BristleBot

First Generation CybermatI stumbled upon a how-to article on how you can make your own micro robot. The funny thing is that the robot has an uncanny resemblance to the first generation Cybermat on Doctor Who (a creature that has yet to make a re-appearance in the new Doctor Who series).

Well it turns out that you too can build a Micro-Cybermat using a toothbrush, a watch battery, some wire, and a pager motor. I would love to see someone make a few (maybe glue on the head of a fly) and spray paint them silver for the full effect. Find out more below:

Fire seen from the 19th floor of my office

After I got into work and began checking email, I began to hear a lot of fire engines outside. I got up to the window and saw that a home across the street was ablaze and went back to my desk to grab my camera.

It was amazing how fast the building became an inferno and how ineffective the fire department was at putting the fire out.  Overall most buildings in Taipei are made of concrete, so this is not an ordinary occurrence because this was obviously a wooden structure.