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Pulled pork sandwich

We just got back from Armidillo Willys after ordering the pulled pork sandwich (pictured) and a diet Dr Pepper since I am so health consious. I have to say the cornmeal muffin with honey butter was wonderful.



I cannot carry it on my back

Early this year I met a few friends in Tokyo before they traveled on to Thailand. I found a bargain basement hotel which was clean and under $100 USD a night. This was a centrally located hotel and provided easy access to the subway.

On our last night before we left, my friend asked “Did you read the instructions on how to use the internet?” Well I didn’t, I just plugged in and it worked, but apparently there were some instructions. Some of the funniest were the disclaimer on the internet usage:

It is the instructions about the use

When it is used this system, responsibility about the following matter asks for the use on having had you understand it before because I cannot carry it on my back.

  • Malfunction, the loss that occurred when this system broke down and cannot use it for some reason
  • Malfunction of the PC which occurred during this system use

This is just 1/6th of the entire document. You can read the entire scanned document for additional tips on proper internet usage.

Personal air filter for the plane

Clean, Mean, Flying Machine: Plane Clean Air Filter will Bring Out the OCD Sufferer in You – Gizmodo

Gizmodo brings up a great IDEA for a product, but think about it, is it really practical?

When you breath air on a plane, you arn’t just breathing the air from your vent, but from your neighbors vent. For this to be effective you would need to buy a $19.95 device for everyone, not just yourself.

If you are looking for personal safety, consider purchasing a gas mask for yourself instead like these happy passengers.

Mr. Roboto

In early 2007 my friends Fritz and Sue Ann met Steven and me in Tokyo. We had a great time eating sushi and visiting the sights.

One of our favorite places that we visited on this trip was the The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. Here they had exhibits on space, the body, mayonnaise and robotics. Yes, you heard that right, robotics.

Giant LCD Globe at The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Originally uploaded by James in Taiwan.

It so happens that the museum has an actual Honda Asimo on display. A couple times a day they have a show where the robot comes out, walks, runs, dances and carries on a conversation in a squeaky voice which was quite annoying.

OK, you don’t want to hear that squeaky voice, but you will want to see this 3.75 minute clip video (with the conversation edited out) playing to Styx’s Mr. Roboto.