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New MacBook Broken 10+ days and counting

Around 1 month ago I had a trip to China planned and I decided to pre-order a new aluminum MacBook from the Apple Store in Hong Kong and I picked it up during my layover back to Taiwan.

After getting back to Taiwan, I sat down and installed all of my applications (using my mouse). I finished installing all of my applications, had everything set up and I opened up Mail to send an email, and I find out the keyboard on my new Mac is broken.  It doesn’t look like much, but if you press the “C” key on the left side, it pops up like a flip phone and you can’t type on it until you bend it back to the right position.

I brought it in to an Apple service center to be checked out.  They investigated the problem, identified that the keyboard is in fact broken and asked if I could send it back to Apple. The Apple Store said NO and told me it was past the restocking period. I went back to the service center to just fix it.

7+ days later it is still sitting at the service center. I call AppleCare and asked them if they could speed up the part shipment, and they said replacement English keyboards are out of stock with no estimated ship date!  I ask for a replacement Mac, and once again they said they can’t do this.  I feel like the biggest idiot — I have a wonderful new MacBook that is less than one month old sitting in the service center waiting for a new keyboard with no available replacement parts. Is anyone else out there having the same issue?


New bunny

So Steven and I went to the pet store to get a new bunny. She/he doesn’t have a name yet, but it is very curious and playful.

All tied up

I just got a new desk accessory today from Thailand. As you can see, it helps keep my desk clean by providing me with a convienent place to wrap my cables. Go Mr . P!

One wrong move

This past weekend Steven and I bought a referbished Mac Mini to use as a media center (instead of a Apple TV). To help offset the cost we were going to fix the iBook hard drive that died a month back.

This sounded like a goodvidea to begin with, but after re-assembling the laptop and plugging it in, we fried the motherboard.

Well this is bad, but at least we can sell the parts off for people who undertake similiar home repairs.

Strange “tip” from

My blog is currently hosted on  One of the nice features is that they offer you occasional tips on how you can improve your service.  I however received a cryptic message from them today.

WordPress tip: You have uploaded 16,777,216 TB of files, exceeding your quota by 16,777,216 TB. Consider deleting some files to free up more space, or purchasing a space upgrade so you can upload more.

I didn’t know that I have been such a prolific writer!

Oh no Brownie!

We just got back from our trip to Tahoe and went to pick up Brownie from the pet store that takes care of her when she is out. Unfortunately when we picked her up, they informed us that she has been peeing blood and has been very sick and not eating.

After bringing her to the vet, they discovered that she did not have kidney stones. I suggested to Steven that we get her fixed (she is still young) and when the doctor did the surgery, he discovered a tumor (which was removed).

We are now waiting to see what the biopsy says. Unfortunately female bunnies have a 50-80% chance of having uterine cancer, so we hope we addressed this in time.

Update: Brownie eventually passed away from due to complications associated with the cancer.  I recommend all rabbit owners who have a doe spaid their bunny to prevent the onset of ovarian cancer.

Pulled pork sandwich

We just got back from Armidillo Willys after ordering the pulled pork sandwich (pictured) and a diet Dr Pepper since I am so health consious. I have to say the cornmeal muffin with honey butter was wonderful.