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Pulled pork sandwich

We just got back from Armidillo Willys after ordering the pulled pork sandwich (pictured) and a diet Dr Pepper since I am so health consious. I have to say the cornmeal muffin with honey butter was wonderful.



Tomato Basil Chicken Pasta

Two or three weeks ago I was going out with a few co-workers to lunch and I really wanted to go someplace new. We walked down An-He Road past a cafe called Swing (which will have another review later) and found a new place called Bedroom where a cafe named Postop used to be.

We went in and all ordered our sets. Now the menu was a bit eclectic, with some classic Italian dishes and a few East-Asian curries and I opted for the Tomato Basil Chicken pasta set (around ~5.57 USD).

The first dish was a salad, which I offered to one of my co-workers. Next came out a miso-soup, a very un-Italian soup, but it was still good for a miso soup. Last came the pasta, which was really good – surprisingly so. My co-worker who ordered the Salmon in Cream Sauce gave a thumbs up, as did the other co-worker who ordered the Shrimp pasta (although the shrimp were high-maintainence because they were not un-shelled. All-in-all this was a great find that I have already gone back to another two times.

Dominos Pizza Delivery Scooter

Dominos Pizza Delivery Scooter

Steven and I tend to order pizzas allot when it is rainy and we don’t go out. When we order them, I don’t really think about how they get here, but it turns out that some poor guy needs to ride a scooter to deliver pizzas. At least there is a plastic compartment to keep the pizzas dry.

Get Your Gel On

These gel drinks are sold as healthy and refreshing, but seem like a bag of watered down sandwich jelly to me. These were originally popular in Japan, but they finally made it to 7-11 in Taiwan.

I haven’t tried one here, but I did try one when I was in Tokyo. They taste like room-temperature Jello made with too much water.If you are a vegan, I wouldn’t recommend you drink (or is it eat) these, since they are probably made with animal gelatin.

You can eat my hummus anytime you like

Last Friday a couple co-workers shared a cab and headed over to Sababa Pita Bar for some pitas. While in line to order I told Sandra that I am not really a fan of hummus and she told me how much she likes it and that she has been to this restaurant three times already.   I told her “You can eat my hummus anytime you like.” When Laverne overheard that he said it sounded really dirty, although I can’t say why.

Anyway, I had a chicken pita sans yogurt (88 NTD/ea) and two “Moroccan Cigars” (58 NTD/ea). All together as a combo with fries and a Coke my lunch came out to be 200 NTD – not bad.

Tip: Avoid Fat Free Pringles

This tip originally posted on Craigslist is important and every potato-chip loving person should read this. It provides you (the reader) with many reasons why you do not want to try Pringles Fat Free Chips.


A great plate of pasta

Strangossi al ragu
Originally uploaded by James in Taiwan.

A few weeks back Steven and I stumbled upon a small cafe that specialised in pizza and pastas. We decided to try both, and the pasta was so good, we had to order another plate (even though we were full).

If you are looking for a great place for a plate of pasta and a pizza, go to Pizzeria Rialto on No 116, Sec. 7, Chung Shan N. Rd. or their sister resturant Osteria Rialto found at No. 5, Lane 260, Kuang-Fu S. Rd.