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Tomato Basil Chicken Pasta

Two or three weeks ago I was going out with a few co-workers to lunch and I really wanted to go someplace new. We walked down An-He Road past a cafe called Swing (which will have another review later) and found a new place called Bedroom where a cafe named Postop used to be.

We went in and all ordered our sets. Now the menu was a bit eclectic, with some classic Italian dishes and a few East-Asian curries and I opted for the Tomato Basil Chicken pasta set (around ~5.57 USD).

The first dish was a salad, which I offered to one of my co-workers. Next came out a miso-soup, a very un-Italian soup, but it was still good for a miso soup. Last came the pasta, which was really good – surprisingly so. My co-worker who ordered the Salmon in Cream Sauce gave a thumbs up, as did the other co-worker who ordered the Shrimp pasta (although the shrimp were high-maintainence because they were not un-shelled. All-in-all this was a great find that I have already gone back to another two times.


Dominos Pizza Delivery Scooter

Dominos Pizza Delivery Scooter

Steven and I tend to order pizzas allot when it is rainy and we don’t go out. When we order them, I don’t really think about how they get here, but it turns out that some poor guy needs to ride a scooter to deliver pizzas. At least there is a plastic compartment to keep the pizzas dry.

Triple-Breasted Male Monchichi Hobo God

Taiwan still amazes me with lucky finds like these. This 5 foot tall stature was outside a small restaurant in a back alley near my home. For some reason the statue is partially clothed, but still showing his three breasts and his junk. He is ready to travel anywhere with his trusty walking stick and a bottle of booze. I therefore believe he is honoring the famous Monchichi Hobo God.

Somehow I think this is Japanese, it’s a bit too perverse for conservative Taiwanese to come up with.

Get Your Gel On

These gel drinks are sold as healthy and refreshing, but seem like a bag of watered down sandwich jelly to me. These were originally popular in Japan, but they finally made it to 7-11 in Taiwan.

I haven’t tried one here, but I did try one when I was in Tokyo. They taste like room-temperature Jello made with too much water.If you are a vegan, I wouldn’t recommend you drink (or is it eat) these, since they are probably made with animal gelatin.

High voltage sign

This is small sign posted on a chain link fence near in the high speed rail station. Unfortunately they place this above a metal hand-rail next to the curb where you wait for Taxis. Well at least they can claim that they warned you if you electrocute yourself trying to hold on to the hand rail.

Fake iPhone / iPod Touch

I took this photo at a local 3C (Consumer Products Shop). They sell Apple Products, and fake Apple Products in the display case next to them. This fake iPhone or iPod Touch is about the size of an iPod Classic and is a steal at around ~68 USD.

Bitumen machine

Tar machine
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I saw this bitumen (tar) machine on the way home from visiting the Taipei Story House previously mentioned. To be honest the road construction was so much more interesting than the house and we stayed outside watching the steam roller, paver and tar trucks back up to finish a stretch of road.

The thing that gets me is that this truck is blue on the front but completely black on the back. You can barely make out the license plate numbers under the black tar stalactites. The license plate number is then spray painted on the back, but even that is hard to read.