Black MacBook (Sold)

So this weekend I sold my black MacBook. This was maybe one of the few machines I did not hate by the time I sold it. Surprisingly it also held it’s value. In June it will be 2 years old and it only lost 1/3 of the original total value. For a well-used laptop, this isn’t bad.

Over the years I have had quite a few laptops. Of course my first laptop was a PowerBook 145, but after I got a PowerBook 520c and it was in the shop for 6 out of 9 months I owned it I started thinking Apple products were lemons. Apple eventually gave me a new and faster machine, the Powerbook 1400, but by that time I started using NT 4, and let’s face it – OS 8 was never as stable as NT 4.

So eventually I sold the 1400 and didn’t buy another laptop until Sony came out with the Vaio Z1. This was sure a beauty, however it had some defects – the biggest being the lack of a global warranty and the paint chipped off the mouse buttons. This was replaced by an IBM X40, which was an overall great, if underused machine since I had the same machine at work and rarely used my home machine. During this time, OS X 10.3 came out, and I was starting to look at Apple again, but this was for a “Fun Machine”. We eventually bought an iBook G4, but I wasn’t sold and this was used for just web browsing.

Next we go to Apple’s Intel announcement and the soon released MacBook. When they came out I was so happy. For one, it wasn’t white so it wouldn’t get dirty like the iBook G4 we had. Secondly my brother-in-law recently bought an Intel iMac and I was sold on going all-Mac. I went out to the Portland Apple Store and picked up this beauty (seen here).

So now Steven has a white MacBook for home use, we still have the iBook G4 running as a iTunes / print / web server and I have my office machine, so I figure it was time for this machine to find a new home. I hope the new family is happy with this and the little son doesn’t pound the keyboard with his sticky fingers too much.

So what’s next for me? Well I see a MacBook Air in my future, but the true question is when should I buy it. I am not really in a rush, so maybe I will get it in the summer when I am on vacation.


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