Want a little “Liquid Brown”

This past week Steven went to the emergency room twice and a lung specialist once. Unfortunately the two times he went to the emergency room the doctors said “oh you just have a cold” when it turns out that the lung specialist saw pneumonia on the very same lung x-rays. Coincidentally, the very same emergency room staff said I had an enlarged heart when all I had was bronchitis.

When Steven got home and showed me his medicine, I started laughing. I suggested he gets something with codine to help his cough, however they also have cough medicine with opium (the source of codine) in Taiwan. I looked at the brand name of the medicine and get this – it is called “Liquid Brown Mixture (with Opium)”. He asked me why I was laughing, and I said “The name – it is so funny” but he protested because he said it was an accurate name.

You need to remember that this is the same logic that was applied to our pet bunny when he chose the name Brownie – she is brown indeed.


One response to “Want a little “Liquid Brown”

  1. Jakob Vanderholf

    holy crap! this stuff WORKS! i dont know what i had, the doctor never really said. all i know is that i was sick for over a month, which had never happened in my whole life. i went to see the doctor and he gave me some liquid brown mixture. at first i was skeptical, just because i was a foreigner, and would be going back to the states soon. i didnt want to be found with drugs in my system. but i finally broke down, drank some of the stuff, and the very next day elt INCREDIBLE! it seriously worked over night!