Still Life of Fruit (done in Freehand)

Still Life
Originally uploaded by James in Taiwan.

This was originally drawn with a white background in Freehand 7 while I was working at a startup around 8 years ago. I was the go-to guy and wore many hats in that startup. I did UI Design, product demos, requirements gathering for sales, presentations to VCs and the list goes on.

Our company was going specifically after the food and beverage vertical market and we had some major accounts with Gilroy Foods and See’s Candy. I originally was going to use this for a promotional brochure, but our company went belly up before I had a chance to use it. I always liked this image (especially the wheat) so I decided to post it here.

It is somewhat sad to think that there will no longer be any updates to Freehand.  There was a recent announcement by Adobe that there will be no future development of Freehand and they will let the application slip into obscurity.


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