A view from Taipei 101

Last night Steven and I took my dad and Nickie to the observation floor of Taipei 101. It costs ~350 a person, but it is worth it for the view.

It took less than 40 seconds to climb to the 89th observation floor. We brought a tri-pod to steady the camera and set a timer for all photos.

This is a photo of the Miramar Ferris Wheel from the top of Taipei 101.


3 responses to “A view from Taipei 101

  1. Hi James,

    Well we are back in Taiwan (just about) for 4 weeks and thinking of things to do – I was thinking about 101 but heights do my head in and the luck I have had lately is just surreal – I would advise everyone to stay away should I make a visit.

    Might check out the ferris wheel – will sleep on 101 for a couple of nights :o)



  2. Welcome back to Taiwan! You may consider giving Taipei 101 a try, it isn’t as scary as the ferris wheel. Steven is petrified by that, but he was OK for 101. You might also look at going up when it is dark. Your vision isn’t as good, hence the vertigo will not be as pronounced.

    Its funny, the elevator was the most disturbing part of the ride for me. They ask guests to tilt their heads backwards to open up the ear canal and to prevent the guests from getting motion sickness. If you look down you feel queasy, if you look up you feel fine.

  3. Thanks!

    Went on the ferris wheel last night… nearly wet myself. That is the least safe feeling thing I have ever been in, the cages just seem too flimsy and the rocking motion – argh! my daughter kept saying “pa-pa” but still ran from side to side.

    Might give 101 a try, it does look really good.