A chicken head is in the soup

Chicken Head in the Soup
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From Shanghai Village – “The best of Shanghai food”. This is just one of the reasons I don’t like Taiwanese / Chinese food that much. Sure, sweet and sour pork is great, but it has bones in it in Taiwan.

My father and step mother are visiting Taiwan this weekend, I think I am bringing them to my favorite Chinese vegetarian restaurant….


2 responses to “A chicken head is in the soup

  1. That is completely disguisting, James! Imagine if you could get a hamburger at In and Out and the cow’s head was part of the deal? That’s truly “animal style.” Ugh.

  2. hey, at least you know it’s chicken.

    like you suggest in going veggie, if your not prepared to look your food in the eye then don’t eat it. having said that I know not all Taiwanese will eat this but they would all call it disgusting.