How to get married in Vancouver – Finding a Jeweler

When Steven and I arrived in Vancouver we had a problem. We were getting married in 3 days and we didn’t have wedding rings. Why didn’t we get them in Taiwan? Well I have sausage fingers like my grandfather and unfortunately the fingers of the average asian male are under size 10.

We decided to spend the entire day Saturday looking for a quality jeweler in town. We found a few places that sold Jewlry online, but we were worried that they would be closed or wouldn’t be able to do a rushed order. Fortunately we found Jones the Jewler near our hotel, and they were open and very nice and very accomidating. They helped us pick matching bands, delivered on time and provided top notch service. We were in and out of the store in less than an hour and had the entire afternoon to go sightseeing (we went to Stanley Park).

If you are in the Vancouver area and you are looking for a high quality jeweler that can provide gold, platnium, silver, steel bands, engagement rings and custom designs, then I suggest you check out Jones the Jewler.


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