At the protest

Originally uploaded by Steven Lai.

Yesterday Steven and I were on the way to a coffee shop to meet a friend, but unfortunately a large rally was going on in our path by the Taiwan Green Party. This made getting to the coffee shop that is normally 20 minutes away an hour away.

It turns out that they are rallying to protect Taiwan’s democracy, which I think is a good thing. Taiwan has been an independent country for years and was recognised by the UN before China ever was (although it no longer is). When I see rallies like this, I see people really appreciating the freedom they have and understanding that it will not come to anyone unless you are willing to fight for it.


2 responses to “At the protest

  1. Taiwan was never recognized by the UN. That was the Republic of China.

  2. You are right, the UN recognised the Republic of China, however to many locals that is splitting hairs. A local would say “we were recognised in the 70’s”.

    The fact was that the R.O.C. moved to Taiwan, and the country is still considered Taiwan, R.O.C. (unless you see people in international sporting events, where the country is demoted to being Chinese Taipei.)