A unique dining experience

Tonight Steven and I met Ivy for dinner and stumbled upon a must visit restaurant. Take a close look at the decorations, can you tell what type of restaurant it is? Read more to find out!

Well, it is in fact a French restaurant with a Chinese gipsy theme. Our dining experience got better and better the longer we were there.

Everything started out with the menu littered with cryptic English. Lovely appetisers like “World Lingo” were listed on the menu for our enjoyment. Our rude drunk waiter wearing a Marlboro shirt took our orders and every question we asked him about the menu he happily answered incorrectly.

After our appetiser, Ivy got her soup and Steven got his Cesear’s salad. Unlike most Cesear’s salads this restaurant decided to cover the salad in cheese rather than salad dressing.

Steven and I then received our mushroom soup with a puff pastry on top. Unfortunately, they did not cook the pastry enough so it was raw. Furthermore, the soup was not mushroom, but a fish bisque with 2 small mushrooms inside.

Our soup was followed by the main course. I received mine first. It was a nice cut of beef with mashed potatoes and vegetables on the side. Unfortunately the mashed potatoes were cold and the vegetables were ice cold.

Ivy’s lamb followed. She had a nice leg of lamb covered with flourecent yellow French’s mustard. She had cold mashed potatoes as well.

Lastly, Steven received his spicy tomato seafood pasta, which came in a nice broth with a cup of rice on the side (no noodles).

The desert topped off everything. A nice pana cota came, but it was covered in nuts so I could not eat it. Steven got a fruit juice that was OK and Ivy received tea, but her cup was so filled with flowers that she could only fill it half way full.

As you can see this is a wonderful restaurant. You may want to try it for yourself, but I doubt it will still be in business by the time you get there.


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