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Many people know that I love listening to the radio while travelling in the car. Once I moved to Taiwan I needed to find a substitute and I found it with podcasts on my iPod.

One of my favourite podcasts is Morning Stories, which happens to also be a NPR radio show from WGBH Boston. Their radio program features short stories (some are true, some are fiction) read either by the author or the host/producer, Tony Khan. during one of their programs that aired after the New Year they asked for people to send in comments concerning where they listen to Morning Stories. I decided to photograph the bus I take in the morning, write a few notes on the photograph and I then sent in the following email:

Dear Tony,

I am sorry I am so informal, but you already seem like an old friend to me! I heard in one of your “back issues” a request concerning where people listen to Morning Stories. I am currently living in Taipei, Taiwan and I listen to Morning Stories on the bus along with a few other NPR podcasts.

Your podcast in particular has helped me integrate more into this culture by providing me with a small bit of levity each day. My old routine when I was living in the Bay Area was to turn on KQED on the way to work (this substituted my morning coffee). My iPod and your podcast has now substituted this old habit that helps me get through the day. It is now so important that I contemplate skipping work if my iPod is not charged or is broken! I just wanted to thank you for your efforts because every morning I get to listen to 15 minutes of what’s going on at home, and that is so important to me.

-James O’Donnell

PS. I took a photo with my camera-phone when you made that plea for people to send in comments where they listen to Morning Stories. I wanted you to be able to see where I listen to you, not just read. You can check out the photo I took with notes and personal comments on Flickr here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/james_odonnell/107547876/

After further correspondence with Tony I sent him one of my older stories that talked about when I told my mom that I was gay as well as a few other stories that I have. Well I guess it turns out that they liked one of them, because they talked about my email and one of my stories in the second half of their weekly radio program last week. If you have iTunes, you can listen to the program here: WGBH Morning Stories – Behind the Blue Ribbon.


One response to “Featured on the Radio

  1. That’s pretty cool Jim! Now I have a reason to actually listen to a podcast.