Fourth day in Tokyo

Pork ramen with gyoza
Originally uploaded by James in Taiwan.

My fourth day in Tokyo was filled with meetings. I found out by this point that the original customer visits I was going to have were canceled and we had to reschedule them the following week. I told Steven this and he will join me tomorrow and spend the weekend. I only hope that my new hotel will be big enough for the two of us.

One of the great things about being in Japan is the food, and so far I have not had one unpleasant meal. This restaurant was at the basement of our building, witch is nice because it was so hot that day. I had a nice bowl of ramen in a miso broth with three gyoza on the side.

That evening I joined another co-worker from Taipei for dinner. We started out by visiting the “adult” comic book shops that are in Shinjuku. Neither of us have ever been inside one of them, and we wanted to see what they sell.

After the visit to the adult shops we ended up at a yakiniku restaurant. This one was smaller than the one I visited the previous night, but the meats they sold were much higher quality and we had quit a bit of Kobe beef. This so far is one of the best meals I have had since Christmas dinner at Trader Vic’s.

We ended the evening by going to a pachinko gambling place, were both of us lost 1000 yen, however this is only 10 USD, so I was ok.


2 responses to “Fourth day in Tokyo

  1. “I guess if you are not in the computer, then you aren’t a customer!”

    -Well, they certainly need to upgrade their cyborgs working at the concierge.

  2. It was an odd experience, but the hotel was nice and clean (and small…). I miss Tokyo now, they are much more polite on the bus and on the subway (they don’t talk on their cellphones on public transportation, unlike people in TW).