My first look at a 3D TV

I saw my first 3D plasma TV this past week when walking through Warner Village. I am not talking about 3D sound, but a 3D picture, without any glasses. At first I thought it was a normal screen showing an advertisement for face cream, then something weird happened, the face cream zoomed off of the screen.

I was quite suprised.  I knew a few companies were working on this technology, but I didn’t think they were that far allong.  I am sure it is quite expensive now, but I walked away thinking that I just saw the future of television / video games.

Currently this technology is in its infancy, and they achieve it using various means.  The best images come from two different semi transparant displays on top of one another. This is the type of display that I saw at Warner Village.  A more common way would be a lenticular display, separating the left and right images. You can read more about this technology and how much it costs.


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