Cute Website

I found a cute website, similiar to this one. It is an advertisement for some band, but it is also a fun game. The point is to get all the people safely home. Play it now, and get the people home.

This reminds me of an older internet site (Flash 4+) I found years ago called See it now.


4 responses to “Cute Website

  1. Alan Chan

    How do you play the Polyphonic Spree – The Quest for the Rest game?

  2. Try clicking things on the screen. The point is to get the people to a happy place… Whatever that is. Thik of these people as being a little smarter than lemmings, but they smoked out too much, so they dont have any will of their own to move. You kinda need to prompt them.

    Hint: Click the cactus spikes.

  3. Good bad though… liked them live.. all 352 band members.

  4. It’s like Hapland but easier.