A card and “gift” for Valentine’s day

The card and the "gift" up close
Originally uploaded by James in Taiwan.

Today it was Chinese Valentine’s day, and my company gave me a card (the ink rubbed off when you touched the card) and a choclate in a gold wrapper on a stick with a ribbon arround the base.

A co-worker ate her choclate and she gave the stick to me when she was done. Thinking about a romantic gift, I decided that I would give the stick to Steven, with wonderful Burger King Ketchup on it.

I didn’t want to wast the card, so I whited out the company’s name on the card and signed my own name. Steven was very impressed with this gift and he is looking forward to his birthday present.


5 responses to “A card and “gift” for Valentine’s day

  1. James, you are sooo mean!

  2. You are so, so, very smart Jimmy.

  3. I guess someone can be both mean and smart at the same time! Both of you know I am neither mean nor smart. 🙂

  4. lol
    u need to update more often!

  5. Ha ha ha! You cheapskate!! Way to “show yo luv.” I bet Steven really felt special when you gave him that! 😉