Great moments in Taiwanese television

This kid was being interviewed on Guess Guess Guess because he is routinely possessed by gods.

He also drinks at least 20 Cokes a day and does 0 exercise, besides beating his back with a wooden sword. He is seen as an icon for the Tao religion.


4 responses to “Great moments in Taiwanese television

  1. I laughed so hard and so loud for so long my roomates thought I was possessed by gods.

  2. I am a minor deity and I have routinely possess this child when I was thirsty for Coke. I wish he’d switch to Diet Coke, though. Those empty calories are going straight to my waistline…

  3. Your waistline or his? There was a funny momment on the show where he had to climb up on the stage (1 foot tall stage) They wanted him to stand on it because he was a bit short, but he had trouble getting up on the stage because his stumpy legs couldn’t bend enough.

  4. Oh my gosh this poor kid is huge. He doesnt’ need to be a spokesman for a religion, he needs to be the before picture for Jenny Craig. This is clear child neglect. The parents should be ashamed of themselves for letting that poor kid get so huge.