Clang-Clang Girl

Imagine this, you are walking through a busy Taiwanese shopping district and you begin to hear a clang, clang, clang sound. You walk a little further and the sound gets louder. Trust me, this isn’t a normal sound you hear on the streets of Taiwan and it isn’t a sound you are likely to hear, unless the Clang-Clang Girl is on the streets.

Yes you heard it right, the Clang-Clang Girl. She is a girl under thirty, with a short-cropped haircut. Her hypnotic dance draws you in as she clashes her cymbals together. Her makeup is as striking as Mimi from the Drew Carrey Show, rouge circles over her cheeks plastered on in a chaotic yet beautiful manner. You look down and see three dancing hamsters scurrying frantically around their cage, joyfully jumping towards the top of the cage in unison with the music. This is the essence of true art.


2 responses to “Clang-Clang Girl

  1. hmm~~ I don’t know if that’s art or not..
    For some reasons, I think maybe she was doing some kind of superstition dance.

  2. Well, this video was taken ~2.5 – 3 years ago, but the only thing I can remember is everyone was looking at her like she was doing something odd. I honestly think she didn’t have all her marbles.