A terrible movie

I watched a terrible movie tonight.  It is Closer, and we rented it from Blockbuster.  I would not recomend this movie, and it left me feeling empty inside like most French movies make me feel. (I don’t like French movies either.)

 If you saw this and have a similiar or different opnion, please let me know.


2 responses to “A terrible movie

  1. What’s horrible to think about is that “Closer” was based on/adapted from a play. Could you imagine watching that dreck with live actors?

  2. Greg Kowker

    French movies are still dominated by ideals of existentialism and absurdity. I guess that might make sense if all you want from life if to drink wine and make love with your face. But…I’ll stick with you – I’m sure the movie was quite dull. Hopefully its put you into the mood for some grilled night market chicken. Eating all that awesome Taiwanese food is enviable, and you probably have put on a lot a weight, right? So how is life for a fat gay white man in Taiwan?

    Aloha from Hawaii Island