The latest fashion out of Italy

A friend recently emailed me concerning some new hot fashion out of italy and I thought I can share it with you here. This is a copy of her email to me (I will bleep out the names other than my own.):

Hello (BLEEP) and James,I only know two people in the world that can fully appreciate these links. Notice the same guy wearing the items!

Ear Mufs

Safety goggles

Ultra cool protective eyewear


Have a great weekend,


Thank you for this great fashion news, (BLEEP) and I need to also inform you that I am no longer checking my MSN or Hotmail email accounts due to excessive spam.


2 responses to “The latest fashion out of Italy

  1. If I am Bleep, then you must be Blop! And Ear muff’s has two “f”s.
    Your friend,

  2. You grew up with earmuffs, so you would know how to spell them.

    Me- I am a California boy, we don’t need those silly things!