At the camera store

Today Steven and I went to the store to buy a pcmcia card so that I can plug in the new camera memory stick into my laptop. So far we have purchased 4 other pcmcia cards and they were all incompatible with my laptop, so before we left the store we wanted to test to see if it works on a similar laptop.

This was a smart idea, because returning products in Taiwan can be very difficult, if not impossible. We wanted to make sure that we wouldn’t have a “Fry’s” experience here in Taiwan and we brought the camera so we can test the connection in the store.

Before we tested the memory stick in the pcmcia card I took a photo in the store. We inserted the card and Windows recognized the memory stick. Steven suggested to the clerk to open up the card to see the photo we just took, but he didn’t realize that we already had taken a photo of Steven the other day. The clerk opened up the folder where the photos were stored and opened the first photo on the card. The problem was that Steven was not wearing a shirt in the first photo and he was standing behind the couch, so he looked naked. The first words out of my mouth were “he isn’t naked there” but the clerk was already smiling and Steven was turning bright red.

Steven forbade me from posting the picture up here, so I will leave it to your imagination.


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