Spousal love, Taiwan style

Last night I was out by Ximen. Steven was going into a local McDonalds to get an ice cream and I was outside waiting. He got the ice cream and we were standing outside.

Right next to McDonalds is a man and his wife who sells large stuffed animals. They sell Snoopies, Pikachus and other popular popular cartoon characters here in Taiwan. The funny thing was that he began to yell and scream at his wife, with people standing around him. I had to watch him. It was going so long that I had enough time to photograph him.

Now as an effect to help tell the story I added dialog underneath the picture. I also embellished the parts with the strangers, however the husband was accusing her of sleeping with other men because she could not take care of the home properly. If I were her I would leave him, but there must be something enticing about a man who makes his living selling stuffed animals outside a McDonalds.

I don’t know if he has a lot of business, but I have seen him a few times out there selling stuffed animals, but I have never seen a child approach him. Maybe this small publicity on my website will help make his business famous.


2 responses to “Spousal love, Taiwan style

  1. Greg Kowker

    this is pretty f****ing funny


  2. You are way too weird insightful….