Bag of soup

A while back I asked one of my co-workers to pick up lunch for me when I was feeling sick. I asked her to get me some plain soup without noodles, which is basically broth with scallions in it.

It was really nice of her to do this for me, but I was surprised that the soup came in a bag along with an empty container.

I couldn’t figure out why they didn’t just pour the soup into the container like most stores will do.

A bag of soup, Taiwan style.

The thing is I couldn’t pour the contents of the bag into the container without pouring the soup all over my desk. I ended up trying to pierce the bottom of the bag with chopsticks to empty it int the container, but all I could do is make a small hole and the scallions were stopping the soup from coming out completely. I ended up putting the soup bag into the bowl and just eating out of the bag.


One response to “Bag of soup

  1. cheung mama

    Lucky you get a container. Usually they give you only a filmsy plastic bag of soup with a tiny red nylon tie around the neck and that’s it!