Bus 275 Grafitti

I regularly take bus 275 to work. It will pick me up 100 meters from my apartment and will drop me off right outside my work. It can’t get any easier than that.

Going home is a little more difficult, but Steven will regurlarly pick me up on his motorcycle. It is really a scooter, but I will say motorcycle so that I will not hurt his ego.

Anyway, I regularly see “artwork” on the bus, and I decided that I should take photos with my camera phone when I see it. In this case I have no idea what the text is saying, and it isn’t particularly beautiful, but I thought I should photograph it before the seat gets cleaned.

A geeky looking guy

I think this is the bus driver


One response to “Bus 275 Grafitti

  1. 1. The first one means I am handsome guy.

    2. The second one is too fuzzy, I can not tell, let us say he is the one(The bus driver).