Model Rockets over Chinese New Year


I was sick with a bad cold while back in the USA, but this didn’t stop Steven and me from going out occasionally.

On the weekend before we left my friends decided to go launch model rockets from Fisher Junior High school.

Coincidentally, my father recently had a building named in his honor there.

Launching the rockets was quite a bit of fun, other than the fact that some neighbors of the school were over worried about us attacking them with a paper tube and soft balsa-wood fins.

You can see three of our launches below:


2 responses to “Model Rockets over Chinese New Year

  1. You’re Dad must be very respected in the Silicon Valley. It was great seeing you while you were in town. Whether you believe me or not, you’ve proved to be a friend for the past seven years that I have known you.

    (Edit done below by James for clarity)

    [In responce to your comment.] You’ve made great strides in your life which you should be proud of. You’ve been through a lot and yet you continue to push it forward. That speaks volumes of your will and determination. Don’t sell yourself short, Jim.

  2. Are you in Taiwan currently? I’m interested in finding a shop that sells model rockets in Taipei. Know of any?