Internet Explorer security only for XP users

Microsoft has taken a stance when it comes to security for its Internet Explorer browser. The only way to have a secure connection to the Internet is to upgrade to the latest version of Windows, Windows XP. This means that 50% off all Internet Explorer users will have to buy a new operating system!

Many of you reading this might have Windows XP already, but users of Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4 and 2000 users they cannot upgrade their browser to a more secure version. All users of Internet Explorer on these older versions of the software are more prone to getting a virus or having their credit card number stolen if they use Internet Explorer.

What will happen to users of Windows XP when Microsoft upgrades to the next operating system? Will they have to upgrade again to make sure their credit card isn’t stolen or they have the latest security fix? The answer is YES. Microsoft has clearly stated that IE browser upgrades are tied to Windows upgrades.

Security for free

I would like to mention that there are alternatives to IE out there. You can have all the new features, the latest standards support and the latest features for free. FireFox, the new leading browser is the definite solution for you. Here are the following features of FireFox

  • It is small (Under 5 megs)
  • Features tabbed browsing
  • Can display Windows media, Quicktime, Acrobat and Flash
  • It is secure
  • Features Banner Advertisement and Pop up blocking
  • Many more features
  • It runs on all versions of Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
  • It is free

Try Firefox today and see for yourself.


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