Linux -> Fun and Easy!

I have been installing a few operating systems just to expose myself to the installation procedures for each OS. So far I have installed Windows XP, 2000, ME, Macintosh OS X 10.3, Redhat Linux and SuSE Linux and I have found SuSE to be the easiest to install.

The basic install procedure

1) Insert CD
2) Boot up machine
3) Click install

No other application could start up and get you going as fast. Some of the reasons had to do with required registration steps (OS X). On other OS’s you had to activate the product(Windows XP) or enter a long serial number(Windows 2000) before using the machine. This was not the case for SuSE Linux. It was so simple my dad could even install it.

Once you have the software installed you will notice that it runs similiar to OS X and Windows. You will even notice that it has an integrated web browser – the same one Safari is based upon.

SuSE's built in web browser.
The same integrated web browser Apple used for Safari

The other great thing is that SuSE comes with Office, Photo Editing software, Mail, Address Book and Calendar software as well as plugins and media players for your operating system. You are good to go once everything is installed.

Did I mention that this is all free? Sure you can copy the latest version of Office or Windows XP from a friend, but this is not legal. The US will also be releasing some new copyright bills that can send you to jail for 3+ years for distributing illegal copies of software, so this makes a big difference. People don’t seem to care about that here in Taiwan, but I care. I make my living by working for software companies, and stealing is stealing.

Lastly, did I mention that SuSE can run Windows applications? Yes! You don’t even need to have any Microsoft software installed to load up your favorite game and play it. You can also run Internet Explorer, Powerpoint, Quicktime for Windows and many other programs right on top of Linux. No need to worry about your favorite program not working – it just works.


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