Woman fired over blog

Recently a woman was fired because she was writing a blog. Now this may sound silly, but it is true.

Friendster, a site known for networking people through electronic communication, recently fired one of its lead developers over writing in their own blog. What was the issue? Well suposively the weblog became highly publacised and gathered too much negative attention.

Did the developer write anything negative about Friendster? No. Did she reveal confedential information? No. All she did was talk about her stress at work sometimes and the application of general internet standards. These are the very things that one would reveal at an interview or customer visit when someone asks you.

In responce to this current situation I have decided to pull my account on Friendster. Furthermore, to protect myself I have decided to remove any public mention of the name of the corperation that I work for. I suggest you take similiar measures as well.


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