Double Typhoon


I just heard on the TV news that tomorow I should stay at home due to extreame weather conditions.

Taipei is currently bracing for 2 Typhoons hitting the island back to back. This might extend more than one day.

I will update you on what it is like after it hits.


So the typhoon came and went. It wasn’t just like that though, I was inside for the better part of 2 days. I remember hearing endless rain all the time, they say we had over 50 inches of rain in less than 48 hours. Its a lot, and there was flooding and there have been a few landslides in the more rural areas.

I went outside right when the rain statred to go away and I surveyed our neighborhood. The trees that are arround us have fallen. Tiles from rooves have fallen off and dented cars. Motorcycles were falen over and I saw wet cardboard everywhere. It kind of looked like a shanty town with all the wet cardboard. I guess some (stupid) people thought it would be a deterant to the wind and the rain.

So don’t worry, the worst part of the storm is over and I am safe. Now I am waiting for the next one!


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