Ladies in the sun


Women all over Taipei use umbrellas, raining or not. Every time I turn on the TV I also see an add for Ponds Double White (this is the Japanese site, I couldn’t find the Taiwanese version).

Now you may ask why women do this here? Well they are afraid of having darker skin. They avoid the sun at all costs and use anything that they can get their hands on to keep their skin white. You can even see some women with long gloves on when it is 95 degrees out with 70% humidity. They even use skin whitening formulas, which change the color of your skin.

But are skin whitening formulas OK? Well on one hand, people can bleach their skin as much as they want and pull a Michael Jackson for all I care, but I happen to like the natural skin coloration.

The problem is that these products are not safe. Acording to some doctors there are excessive mercury levels in the chemicals. You have to remember Taiwan does not have a FDA, and if they did they would probably never enforce any regulations so why bother!

So don’t whiten your skin. Maybe use an umbrella if you have to but avoid those poisonous salves!


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