Make WindowsXP look like Mac OS X

My current Windows desktop

I am really tired of Win XP, hence the purchase of my Mac ibook. The problem is that my work machine as well as my Sony Vaio run windows XP, so what am I to do?

Well I just found the alternative, it is styleXP. It allows you to install themes such as the Iceman’s Aqua theme which is a MacOS lookalike theme with the gelatanous buttons and all.

Iceman has a great site containing links to different websites and themes. Here is his site.

Lastly, the dock is an important part of OS X, so I found the best dock out there. It is called objectdock and is quite nice as well as free.

All of you XP users out there who would rather be using a mac, go check out these links and have fun.


I have Windows XP SP1 installed (as should you) and I found a Free alternative to Style XP. It is called PatchXPsp1. You can download it here. Other patches available were unsuccessful.


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